Focus, Strength, Endurance
After years of intense R&D, I am proud to share with you PRE-KAGED®. A game-changing pre-workout that you can't live without if you are serious about adding size and strength.

Why Kaged Muscle® Pre-Kaged®?

Patented Creatine HCI™
Patented BetaPower®
Patented CarnoSyn®
Third Party Tested
Patented QU995®
Pure L-Citrulline
Exclusive PurCaf™ Caffeine
No Artificial Flavors
No Soy Lecithin
No Artificial Colors
Antioxidant Support
Coconut Water Powderhere.

Pre Kaged at Herc's Nutrition Brampton
Pre Kaged at Herc's Nutrition Brampton

PRE-Kaged - Kaged Muscle